Vision & Mission

The mission of The City of Light and Liberation Foundation (CoL) is to create and support programs that directly improve the mental, emotional and financial wellbeing of girls and young adults; especially women.

We thus focus especially on young persons within rural communities seeking education, vocational training, and financial stability. We focus on individuals, especially girls and young women, who are oftentimes easy targets for human traffickers. We strive to be part of the solution in improving the lives of young persons and their families, providing vocational training and start-up assistance that strengthen individuals and their families.


In order to do this, we focus on 3 strategic priorities:

  1. EXPANSION: Expanding our reach by both creating and growing existing programs – including tailoring, hair-making, IT and solar energy schemes.
  2. STRENGTH: Strengthening our network through staff development and education and ensuring the financial sustainability of or programs and projects.
  3. MOBILIZATION: Mobilizing support to increase the understanding of human trafficking, thereby allowing us to support more young adults and their families in Nigeria.

Guiding us in our mission are our 5 core values:

  1. EMPOWERMENT: Empowering people to live and lead dignified lives.
  2. EDUCATION: Education as the key to overcoming poverty.
  3. CREATIVITY & DIVERSITY: Celebrating creativity and diversity of skills and persons.
  4. HERITAGE: Valuing and embracing our cultural heritage.
  5. INTEGRITY: Operating with accountability and transparency in all areas and at all stages.